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If you have been wondering how some emails you receive come with an email profile photo and it appears to be a custom email like [email protected] The good news is that it is not magic and it’s quite very simple to achieve.

As a business, you’ll want to have a profile photo, for your emails, either your picture or company logo, this will allow your emails to look more authentic and will help increase your open rates.

If you want your custom email address to have your picture appear or your company logo as a profile photo – keep reading this article.

In this article, I will show you how to set up your [email protected] account so that when you send an email to a Gmail account, your profile photo will show up!  It does not matter if your email is hosted via Namecheap, Hostinger, Bluehost, etc or any email hosting or web hosting solution!  It also doesn’t matter if you are using GmailHorde, RoundCube, SquirrelMail, or any other webmail client!

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So you probably still reading this article because when you send an email to a Gmail user, the receiving party doesn’t see a profile photo.

But you want them to see something like this.

Through my research, I’ve found out that currently, this is the only way (other than paying for a Gsuite Account or getting BIMI Certified)! The solution is simple!


  1. Simply go to
  2. Click on add a new account.
  3. Create a NEW google account, and make sure to select the option to create it using your existing email address.
  4. Then use the [email protected] email address. This will create a Google account for your [email protected]
  5. Now that you are sign in, go to and click on the upper right hand corner Icon, it will let you change your profile of your Google account (which is now your Google Workspace account linked to [email protected]).
  6. In the Google Workspace account, simply update your profile photo and save it. It takes a few hours to update, and then VOILA, you’re done! That profile photo will show up as your email profile photo when you send emails as [email protected]

After doing that, when you send emails, your email profile photo will finally show up! The email avatar is now the Google Workspace Profile Photo! Yay!

Email Profile Picture Step-By-Step Solution :

So the problem we have is that the receiving party does not see a profile image when they receive your email.  Let’s update your profile photo, here are the step-by-step instructions: Create your Google Workspace account to set up your email profile photo

The steps below include photos if you are a more visual person:

1. Go to and click on Add New Account

email profile photo startup

2. Click Create account and select To manage my business

create account for email profile photo

3. Click on use my current email address instead

create account for email profile photo

4.  Here’s where you put the custom email address you want to use.  Also note, if you don’t want a space between your First name and Last name or just to want to use a single name like Birdsenger then just use the First name field and leave the last name blank.  In my case I want it to show as “Birdsenger Support” in my emails instead of just “Birdsenger” that is why I filled up the two name fields

Account setup for email profile photo

5. Google will send a verification email to your personalized business email ([email protected]) email.

enter code

6. Open the verification email Google sent to your personalized business email ([email protected]) email.

Verification email

7. Now go back to your google account creation page, and use the verification code sent in the email you received to confirm.

Confirmation page

8. Fill out the profile information for your new Google Workspace Account and click NEXT!

Image showing Profile set up for email profile photo

9.  Read through the Privacy and Terms, and then agree to move forward.

Terms agreement page

10. Go back to, then on the icon in the upper right-hand corner, now select it, and then click on the “change” button or “manage your google account” where you will be able to change your profile picture”

image showing where to click to change email profile photo

11. Voila! now you have a profile picture for your custom email account.

image showing email profile photo

12. And now when you send an email, your receipt will see the profile photo:

image showing email profile pic

I hope this article help!  If you find this article helpful, please share it with family and friends!  Also, feel free to post a comment below.

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